Studio Update – Dec 15th, 2020: Good news! The new BC Government guidelines for group fitness were published yesterday, December 14th, 2020, and our Covid-19 Safety Plan is fully compliant for low-intensity group workouts. We will roll back into our small group classes again over the next few days and weeks, and we hope that these new guidelines will carry us through the remainder of the pandemic, with the clarity that we all need to continue to stay safe, do our part to prevent transmission, yet stay open. We appreciate all of your understanding and assistance over these past weeks while we endeavoured to keep running with our lowered capacity. We are so grateful for your continued support!

2020 HOLIDAY SCHEDULE: Our altered Holiday Schedule runs from Monday, Dec 21st to Sunday, Jan 3rd. If you wish to book during this period, you may do so online or via email, using the subject line: 2020 Holiday Schedule.

Maybe you feel like you are too ‘out of shape’ to do Pilates? This is like saying that you are too sick to go to the doctor! Let us help you at the beginning of your journey back to health and fitness. We can help you get started and then progress at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Here’s how to get started.