Michelle Taylor

My story is a common one, in that I had been plagued with knee, back problems over the years and was in and out of physio. I was bored with the repeated exercises and the swelling in my knee from a bad fall, that was still bothersome. I sought out Lauren at Meridian Pilates. To say this was the best investment for my future wellness is an understatement. Within a few weeks of private classes Lauren carefully diagnosed where I was weak and needed to strengthen, to lessen the burden on the injured areas. Her extensive knowledge and training has changed my body from walking with a limp, pain in hips, knees, lower back, poor posture, and extreme frustration, to a strong, powerful gait, pain free and a future filled with confidence to achieve new heights. Just do it, I did and if I can, you can too. Pilates is fun (and a workout) and the studio has a great vibe. Thank you to all the staff, owners, and teachers at Meridian for helping me on my way.