Jen Sandy

It’s pretty simple.  Meridian Pilates changed my life.  From chronic neck and shoulder pain and lots of Vitamin A (Advil) to no pain and an overall sense of a healthy body. The going can be a bit slow because they are re-teaching you and your muscles to move in different and better ways but within 6 months no more of that niggling chronic pain — and the change lasts.  I’ve been going to Meridian once or twice a week for three years and the instructors teach me something new every time. I can now focus on bigger physical goals — I’ve been doing the Grouse Grind (after about 20 years) every week for months with better and better times. The core strength you learn in Pilates helps you in every other sport in which you partake.  The instructors know their stuff!  They are as good as any physio I’ve been too. The atmosphere is West Coast relaxed. And when you feel like you have fallen off the wagon (after two weeks indulging on holidays) it only takes one class to feel like you are back on track physically. I am so pleased to write this testimonial to thank them and let others know how great they are.