Bernard Joss

I started running marathons 30 years ago, but for many years now I have been aware of the lack of tone in my core and the general pains and injuries in my lower body. It got so bad that for six months in 2012, I was unable to run at all. So, under severe objection (I’m not easily convinced), I enrolled at Meridian Pilates in 2013. I finally understand how interlinked all my muscles in my core, back and even my posture are and I am now back to running: In the last month have come in first in my age group in three races! Would I recommend Meridian Pilates? I preach about this professional, friendly and so competent organisation to anybody who is prepared to listen. I am back to the sport I love and doing better than ever. Take my advice all you men out there: Pilates is amazing.

Shelagh Clegg

I live each day with chronic pain due to an inflammatory arthritis condition in my back and hips. Managing [my] condition is achieved, in my experience, by balancing mind, body and spirit. I have found the instruction, support and teamwork at Meridian Pilates Studio paramount in my journey to both lessen and manage my pain.

Michelle Taylor

My story is a common one, in that I had been plagued with knee, back problems over the years and was in and out of physio. I was bored with the repeated exercises and the swelling in my knee from a bad fall, that was still bothersome. I sought out Lauren at Meridian Pilates. To say this was the best investment for my future wellness is an understatement. Within a few weeks of private classes Lauren carefully diagnosed where I was weak and needed to strengthen, to lessen the burden on the injured areas. Her extensive knowledge and training has changed my body from walking with a limp, pain in hips, knees, lower back, poor posture, and extreme frustration, to a strong, powerful gait, pain free and a future filled with confidence to achieve new heights. Just do it, I did and if I can, you can too. Pilates is fun (and a workout) and the studio has a great vibe. Thank you to all the staff, owners, and teachers at Meridian for helping me on my way.


First, I would like to say what I appreciate about Meridian Pilates Studio: I love the welcoming atmosphere. I appreciate the excellent instructors, I have worked with a number in the over three years I have been coming. They are all well-trained and very knowledgeable, as well as creative in their use of imagery to help those of us who need it to understand, and access, various muscles in the routines we have. I appreciate the patience and understanding of my pace, their attention to areas of concern in my body at different times and the individualized attention I receive. How has it helped me? I have become stronger and more flexible.  My balance has been strengthened. My core muscles are stronger and I am more aware generally of my body and muscle groups and how to work to strengthen them. Did I mention that I am 83-years-old?!

Audrey Pearson

I have been with Meridian since the studio started. Even after 13 years, I am still learning, being challenged, and becoming stronger. Even more so than when I started, I now understand how essential Pilates is to my long-term well-being, especially as I get older. And it’s fun to play with your body. My instructors have all been tremendously knowledgeable, genuinely supportive and never condescending. My fellow students are genuinely nice people and we all enjoy each other’s company.  I intend to still be doing Pilates when I’m a grand old lady!

Olivia Fermi, M.A. A.B.S., ConResCert

I have been a regular at Meridian Pilates for close to three years and highly recommend them. They have a great variety of equipment and teaching formats. The instructors are knowledgeable, experienced and lighthearted. They offer a range of styles so I learn something different from each of them. The reception staff are top-notch and happy to help setup a schedule tailored to my needs.

Lesley Benham

My physiotherapist recommended Pilates to me when I was recovering from herniated discs. After three years at Meridian Pilates I am now feeling strong and virtually pain free. The teachers at Meridian are professional, personable and very knowledgeable. The instructors give a good variety of exercises and I walk away from each class having learned something new.

Suzette Meyers Curtain

Meridian’s instructors have taken me from a state of constant injury and re-injury, to one of steadily building strength. Plus I can see my ab muscles again!

Jen Sandy

It’s pretty simple.  Meridian Pilates changed my life.  From chronic neck and shoulder pain and lots of Vitamin A (Advil) to no pain and an overall sense of a healthy body. The going can be a bit slow because they are re-teaching you and your muscles to move in different and better ways but within 6 months no more of that niggling chronic pain — and the change lasts.  I’ve been going to Meridian once or twice a week for three years and the instructors teach me something new every time. I can now focus on bigger physical goals — I’ve been doing the Grouse Grind (after about 20 years) every week for months with better and better times. The core strength you learn in Pilates helps you in every other sport in which you partake.  The instructors know their stuff!  They are as good as any physio I’ve been too. The atmosphere is West Coast relaxed. And when you feel like you have fallen off the wagon (after two weeks indulging on holidays) it only takes one class to feel like you are back on track physically. I am so pleased to write this testimonial to thank them and let others know how great they are.