Tara Wilson

**Currently on maternity leave; we will update this site when we know her plans to return. Wishing Tara and her husband all the best with their gorgeous new little boy!

Tara began Pilates as part of her rehabilitation after an injury and it has remained a constant in her life ever since. Tara has worked as a Kinesiologist and Pilates instructor in both Vancouver and Toronto; the experience of working in each city, further contributing to her growth as an instructor. In addition to her certifications in Pilates, Tara’s movement and fitness background includes working as a professional dancer, choreographer, and dance instructor.

Tara believes in getting the most out of life. She enjoys getting to know her clients and their needs, and she is most satisfied as an instructor when clients enjoy the time spent in their individualized sessions or group classes and can feel the benefits from Pilates. Tara aims to empower clients through education, realignment, and re-patterning as they work towards their personal health and fitness goals.

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