Marlis Vos

Marlis was first introduced to Pilates during her years of training in classical ballet. Later, as a professional dancer and a busy production designer, Marlis maintained her health and kept balance in her life by practicing yoga, aerobics, weightlifting and martial arts. However, she kept returning to Pilates as the ultimate challenging, effective, safe and sustainable form of movement that benefits the whole body at all stages of life. After suffering a severe back injury, Pilates helped Marlis to rehabilitate herself. Motivated by a desire to help people suffering unnecessarily from back injuries, Marlis wanted to pass on the wisdom she gained from her own experience: she returned to Vancouver, and completed her teaching certification as well as a certificate in “Rehab through Pilates”.

Marlis is dedicated to developing her knowledge and skills to benefit her clients’ health and wellness and she believes that the experience of learning should be fun as well as insightful: she strives to bring these qualities to all of her classes. Her goal is to help people of all ages to understand their bodies and reap the rewards of Pilates.

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