Lisa Frenette

With over 30 years of teaching Pilates, Lisa’s goal as an instructor is to help her clients reach their movement potential whether they’re returning from injury, looking to restore daily function, or improving their athletic performance. Lisa’s approach integrates several mind/body practices and she’s studied with some of today’s most influential yoga, Pilates and other body movement practitioners.

Lisa has extensive teaching experience with organizations such as the Kelowna Woman’s Resource Centre, Kelowna General Hospital, Ministry for Children and Family Development, B.C. Medical Association, and Pacific Interior Pilates Studio. She strives to create a safe and welcoming environment when she teaches so that her clients feel safe, confident, and successful. She loves seeing the results in the people she works with.

In her spare time Lisa find joy in nature, trains and competes with her dogs, furthers her craft as a leatherworker and is an avid reader.

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