Lauren Sinclair

Lauren specializes in restorative fitness, working closely with physiotherapists and other health professionals to ensure clients’ optimal health and safety. She believes that our mind and body are constantly changing, and pilates is the perfect modality to discover balance, harmony and growth within ourselves.

Lauren grew up on the North Shore, and, throughout her youth, was active in sports, drama and music. She graduated in 2008 from UBC with a degree in Human Kinetics, and is a CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist. After working as a personal trainer and exercise physiologist for 7 years, she decide to seek out a better modality for helping clients. Lauren completed her Comprehensive Pilates training through Balanced Body University in May 2015. She was also fortunate to obtain her Pre and Postnatal Pilates Specialist™ through The Center for Women’s Fitness in May 2015. Pilates has seen her through various injuries, 3 pregnancies and postpartum recovery, and has eliminated her chronic low back and hip pain.

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