Heather Low B.F.A. (Dance), Studio Owner

Heather Low, Meridian Pilates

Specialities PMA Certified Pilates Instructor, Balanced Body Master Instructor, Pre- and Post-Natal Specialist

Teaching Since 1996

Heather works with a wide range of people, often assisting people who are dealing with pain, chronic injuries and other limiting conditions; helping them restore healthy movement and optimal physical progress in the face of their challenges. She is deeply interested in assisting people to ’round out’ their physical experiences in movement. Using tools based in Pilates plus some developmental movement patterning and somatic movement sensing, she assists others in recognizing where they are stuck in unbalanced patterns of movement, and where optimal movement has become elusive, leading to a cycle of injury. Heather helps people develop awareness of their physical preferences and challenges in a safe environment, supporting the balanced transformation of their mind, body and spirit.

Heather was first introduced to Pilates while studying modern dance at York University. Intrigued and wanting to learn more, in 1996 she trained in the comprehensive system of Pilates in Toronto with Moira Merrithew, the co-founder of STOTT PILATES®. Since 1998, Heather has worked as a teacher educator in the Pilates method: (STOTT PILATES® 1998-2000); an independent Meridian program (2001-2005); and most recently, becoming a member of the Balanced Body® Education Faculty in 2011. Meridian Pilates Studio has been the BC host-site for Balanced Body® since 2010.

Outside of the studio, Heather enjoys (and has enjoyed) other active pursuits such as yoga, Qi Gong, rock climbing, skiing, and other forms of fitness; not to mention, the busyness of home life with two children, a dog and a cat!

Ali Sales Instructor

Specialities Certified Pilates Instructor, Pre- and Post- Natal Fitness

Teaching Since 2011

Growing up on the West Coast of BC, Ali was always active in sport; including swimming, snowboarding, and playing soccer. However, a sporting injury changed the direction of her life, Ali found a new approach to fitness through Pilates. The principles of control, breath, and alignment meant not only new challenges physically, but also holistically. Ali moved to England in 2009, where she trained as a Pilates Foundation mat instructor. Returning to Vancouver in 2012, Ali continued her studio training through Balanced Body at Meridian Pilates with Heather Low. She also completed a specialization in pre and postnatal fitness with Carolyne Anthony in 2015, and having recently returned to work after her own maternity leave, Ali brings with her a personal perspective to pre and postnatal Pilates.

Ali has witnessed the positive influence that Pilates has brought not only to herself but to family, friends, and clients. She approaches each session with enthusiasm, knowing that the participants will all benefit from the practice of Pilates.

Marlis Vos Instructor

Specialities Certified Pilates Instructor

Teaching Since 2006

Marlis was first introduced to Pilates during her years of training in classical ballet. Later, as a professional dancer and a busy production designer, Marlis maintained her health and kept balance in her life by practicing yoga, aerobics, weightlifting and martial arts. However, she kept returning to Pilates as the ultimate challenging, effective, safe and sustainable form of movement that benefits the whole body at all stages of life. After suffering a severe back injury, Pilates helped Marlis to rehabilitate herself. Motivated by a desire to help people suffering unnecessarily from back injuries, Marlis wanted to pass on the wisdom she gained from her own experience: she returned to Vancouver, and completed her teaching certification as well as a certificate in “Rehab through Pilates”.

Marlis is dedicated to developing her knowledge and skills to benefit her clients’ health and wellness and she believes that the experience of learning should be fun as well as insightful: she strives to bring these qualities to all of her classes. Her goal is to help people of all ages to understand their bodies and reap the rewards of Pilates.

Tara Wilson Instructor

Specialities Certified Pilates Instructor, Kinesiologist, Exercise Physiologist (BHK, CSEP-CEP, FMS, STR), Fascial Stretch Therapist (FST- 1)

Teaching Since 2001

**Currently on maternity leave; we will update this site when we know her plans to return. Wishing Tara and her husband all the best with their gorgeous new little boy!

Tara began Pilates as part of her rehabilitation after an injury and it has remained a constant in her life ever since. Tara has worked as a Kinesiologist and Pilates instructor in both Vancouver and Toronto; the experience of working in each city, further contributing to her growth as an instructor. In addition to her certifications in Pilates, Tara’s movement and fitness background includes working as a professional dancer, choreographer, and dance instructor.

Tara believes in getting the most out of life. She enjoys getting to know her clients and their needs, and she is most satisfied as an instructor when clients enjoy the time spent in their individualized sessions or group classes and can feel the benefits from Pilates. Tara aims to empower clients through education, realignment, and re-patterning as they work towards their personal health and fitness goals.

Linda Baker Instructor

Linda Baker, Meridian Pilates

Specialities BFA (Dance/Drama), Certified Pilates Instructor, Gentle Movement Awareness and Re-Patterning for Ease and Fluidity

Teaching Since 2000

Linda discovered Pilates through dance and, through Pilates, she discovered the joy of connecting with people and guiding them on their journey to move with strength, flexibility and confidence. After completing university, Linda travelled across Canada as both an independent artist, and as a dancer and choreographer with a dance company that she co-founded.

Linda finds Pilates ultimately reaches for the integration and balance of the body in form and ease of movement. Linda’s work is informed by energy, movement, structure, and intent from Pilates and other integrated movement techniques.

Cindy Varney Instructor

Specialities Certified Pilates Instructor, Classical Pilates

Teaching Since 1991

Cindy discovered Pilates during her career as a professional dancer. It supported and strengthened her body and helped prevent injuries. Transitioning out of dance, Cindy was in the first group of teachers to be certified by Dianne Miller and by The Physical Mind Institute in Santa Fe. In 1997, she opened her own studio in Deep Cove where she continues to teach.

As a compliment to Pilates, Cindy practices yoga and is always exploring new movement modalities to increase her physical movement vocabulary. One of her greatest joys is watching clients find optimal physical health and move forward with ease and confidence in their bodies.

Sue Noble Instructor

Sue Noble, Meridian Pilates

Specialities BSc (Hons) Psychology, Balanced Body Mat, Reformer, Apparatus and Core Align training

Movement has always played a huge part in Sue’s daily life: she enjoys running, hiking, skiing and boating with her family, friends and dog. After an accident, she found that Pilates made it possible for her to regain her active outdoor lifestyle, especially running. This discovery was a life-changing event for Sue. Inspired, she left her business partnership of ten years and began a career in Pilates.

Sue is passionate about sharing the amazing benefits of practicing Pilates with others. She believes that everyone’s Pilates journey is unique. No matter where they start, whether it be overcoming setbacks or quietly celebrating new body awareness, Sue is excited to help people enjoy their mind and body experiences through Pilates.

Lauren Sinclair Instructor

Specialities BHK, CSEP-CEP Pre and Post Natal Specialist (Centre for Women's Fitness)

Teaching Since 2013

Lauren specializes in restorative fitness, working closely with physiotherapists and other health professionals to ensure clients’ optimal health and safety. She believes that our mind and body are constantly changing, and pilates is the perfect modality to discover balance, harmony and growth within ourselves.

Lauren grew up on the North Shore, and, throughout her youth, was active in sports, drama and music. She graduated in 2008 from UBC with a degree in Human Kinetics, and is a CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist. After working as a personal trainer and exercise physiologist for 7 years, she decide to seek out a better modality for helping clients. Lauren completed her Comprehensive Pilates training through Balanced Body University in May 2015. She was also fortunate to obtain her Pre and Postnatal Pilates Specialist™ through The Center for Women’s Fitness in May 2015. Pilates has seen her through various injuries, 3 pregnancies and postpartum recovery, and has eliminated her chronic low back and hip pain.

Lisa Frenette Instructor

Lisa Frenette

Specialities Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 - Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher Comprehensive system Stott Pilates Certified level 2 mat and reformer, Level 1 CCCB

Teaching Since 1985

With over 30 years of teaching Pilates, Lisa’s goal as an instructor is to help her clients reach their movement potential whether they’re returning from injury, looking to restore daily function, or improving their athletic performance. Lisa’s approach integrates several mind/body practices and she’s studied with some of today’s most influential yoga, Pilates and other body movement practitioners.

Lisa has extensive teaching experience with organizations such as the Kelowna Woman’s Resource Centre, Kelowna General Hospital, Ministry for Children and Family Development, B.C. Medical Association, and Pacific Interior Pilates Studio. She strives to create a safe and welcoming environment when she teaches so that her clients feel safe, confident, and successful. She loves seeing the results in the people she works with.

In her spare time Lisa find joy in nature, trains and competes with her dogs, furthers her craft as a leatherworker and is an avid reader.

Natalia Rabin Instructor

Natalia Rubin, Meridian Pilates

Specialities BBA, Balanced Body Mat, Balanced Body Reformer, Booty Barre, Certified Pilates and Barre Instructor

Teaching Since 2015

As a long time business co-owner and a mother, Natalia felt that her entrepreneurial lifestyle was taking a toll on her health and personal well-being: she started taking Pilates and barre classes as a way to re-energize her body and mind after long hours of sitting at work. She fell in love with how Pilates made her feel and how it improved her posture, balance, core strength, and joint health. Her experience with Pilates inspired her to study Teacher Training at Meridian Pilates through Balanced Body and she is now an instructor at the studio as well as at True Conditioning Fitness Centre.

Natalia understands firsthand the stress of balancing work, family, and health and wellness. Her goal is to help clients develop their full potential by strengthening their bodies and minds, and helping them reach their personal fitness goals at their own pace and through balanced movement and whole body strength training. Natalia is passionate about sharing her love of Pilates with all of her clients and helping people discover what Pilates can do for them.

Monique Tang Instructor

Monique Tang, Meridian Pilates

Specialities Certified Pilates Instructor, Certified GYROTONIC® Trainer, Scoliosis, Rehabilitation

Teaching Since 2006

Monique’s Pilates journey started when she was looking for something to help with her scoliosis. Having done ballet at a younger age, she found a natural appeal in the lengthening, dance-like movements of Pilates. As a way to learn more about the movement system of Pilates and to share this knowledge with others, Monique studied to become a certified instructor with the PhysicalMind Institute in 2006. She later also found the circular and spiraling movements of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® a good complement to Pilates and became a certified GYROTONIC® Trainer in 2007.

Monique aims to help clients learn how to take care of their particular bodies and make them work best for their needs; whether it is correcting alignment and movement habits or enhancing their fitness level.

Danielle Braund Instructor

Specialities BFA - Music and drama, BASI trained Pilates Instructor

Teaching Since 2016

Danielle has always been active and interested in movement. Growing up she was a dancer and she also studied Muay Thai kickboxing. More recently she competed in the BCABBA figure competition in 2014. Danielle’s also a musician and actor and in 2017 she had a show in the Vancouver Fringe Festival.

As a Pilates instructor Danielle wants to teach people to fall in love with how their bodies move by finding a mind-body connection so that they create intentional, healthy movement. She brings fun and focus to her classes.

Tamsen Simon Instructor

Specialities BASI comprehensively equipment certified, PMA- Certified Pilates Teacher

Teaching Since 2016

A former Olympic athlete, Tamsen competed internationally for Canada’s National Swim Team. She was introduced to Pilates through her own rehabilitative program for chronic shoulder overuse injuries that eventually forced her retirement from swimming after a 14-year career. Tamsen picked up her first certification as a Pilates instructor in 2011 and has since become comprehensively certified on all equipment by Body Arts and Sciences Institute (BASI) and professionally certified through the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA). A strong believer in continuing education, Tamsen regularly participates in workshops and further certification programs to keep her knowledge up-to-date and her skills fresh.

She teaches that the full body should be given equal thought to any particular dysfunction as good movement requires the whole system working efficiently. Tamsen enjoys teaching technique and deepening the internal connection we all have with the bodies we inhabit. Tamsen believes short periods of deliberate practice have larger impacts on our health than hours of movement.

Krista Bratic Instructor

Specialities Certified Pilates Instructor, Registered Kinesiologist

Teaching Since 2011

Krista is an enthusiastic and dedicated teacher with inspiration and passion stemming 
from her personal introduction to Pilates in 2002. Originally sought out as a treatment 
approach for chronic pain related to scoliosis, Pilates positively influenced her quality of 
life by transforming the way she experienced movement. Krista completed her 
Comprehensive Pilates Certification with Meridian Pilates Studio, through Balanced 
Body Education® and later graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science.  
Krista is also a registered member in good standing with the British Columbia 
Association of Kinesiologists (BCAK).

Krista has travelled internationally and experienced a diverse Pilates culture while 
teaching in a variety of studios across England. She holds certifications in the areas of
 functional fascial fitness, embodied anatomy, modern pain management and the female 
pelvic floor. Krista believes that through mindful movement the body will find balance, 
increase strength and flexibility and overcome challenges to achieve optimal wellness.
 Whether it be rehabilitating an injury, training for a specific goal or experiencing a 
whole-body approach to movement, she is excited to work with you!

Outside the studio, you’ll find Krista exploring the city on her bike, hiking in the forest or 
relaxing by the sea. Grateful to be a part of Meridian Pilates, Krista looks forward to 
introducing you to the beauty of Pilates.

Marcy Glanzberg Office Manager

Marcy manages the Meridian office with enthusiasm and a genuine interest in all who walk through our doors. Her passion for customer service is apparent in her welcoming smile, personable nature and in her tireless efforts to communicate with both clients and staff regarding scheduling. Marcy never gives up until the ‘right fit’ is found for each client.

Susan Gunn Office Staff

Specialities CPA, CGA

Susan has been enthusiastically attending classes at Meridian since 2007 and cannot imagine life without Pilates in it. When she came to a crossroads in her career, an opportunity came up to work at the studio so, she took it without hesitation! She is very happy to be part of the Meridian experience.

Elizabeth Nonay Office Staff

Elizabeth started Pilates as a client in 2009 and loved it so much that she left the corporate world and joined Meridian as a member of the office team. Elizabeth works primarily behind the scenes, but you may see her from time to time when she comes in to help out or cover for others’ holidays at the front desk. Her amazing organizational skills have greatly enhanced the smooth-running of the office and are of benefit to all.