Programs & Rates


Our goal is to provide an effective and safe Pilates experience for everyone who visits our studio. We offer group classes for fitness/wellness, and individualized sessions in both Private and Group settings for those in need of support for rehabilitation.

We aim to ensure success for all by placing you in the optimal class setting according to your ability and/or existing health conditions.

In order to do this, we require all beginners and most newcomers to our studio begin by taking an Evaluation Lesson. This is an evaluation time for both parties:

  • As a new client, you get an opportunity to sense who we are and how we approach our work with you;
  • As a studio, we get an opportunity to assess your movement abilities as well as postural or rehabilitation needs in order to offer an appropriate path of progress for you at the studio.

We are happy to answer any questions you might have prior to doing so: please email or call us!


Introductory Rates For First Time Clients (prices do not include GST)
  • Evaluation: $85
  • Starter Private Package (4 sessions): $340
Privates (prices do not include GST)
  • Single:  $100
  • 5 Pack:  $475  ($95 each)
  • 10 Pack:  $900 ($90 each)
Semi-Privates (prices do not include GST)
  • Single: $55
  • 5 Pack:  $262.50 ($52.50 each)
  • 10 Pack: $500  ($50 each)
Classes (prices do not include GST):
  • Single:  $42.50
  • 5 Pack: $190 ($38 each)
  • 10 Pack: $365 ($36.50 each)
Online Classes (prices do not include GST):
  • Single:  $21.83
  • 5 Pack: $109.15
  • 10 Pack: $218.30

All packages are valid for 6 months from date of purchase.

Unused packages are non-refundable, however they are transferable to another client.

cancellation policy:

To avoid late cancellation fees, a full 24-hours notice is required to change or cancel any booked class or private session. In this time of Covid-19, we will offer leniency for cases of illness, to ensure that no one comes in with any active symptoms, indicators of impending cold or flu, or possible exposure to someone else potentially infected. We ask for your honesty and support in this.