2017/2018 Holiday Schedule

Happy Holidays and all the best for a wonderful 2018!

A reminder below of our studio closure dates and modified schedule from now through January 7th:
Closure Dates: The studio will be CLOSED for all classes on Saturday, December 23rd, Monday; December 25th; Tuesday, December 26th; and Monday, January 1st. If you normally have classes on any of those days please enjoy your time off!
Modified Class Schedule: We are OPEN and are running a modified schedule between Dec 27th and January 6th. Please come to your regular class on our open dates, unless we have emailed you to cancel your class or session or you have notified us of your cancellation or away dates.
If you are unsure of your booked schedule and cancellations, please contact us to confirm or check with the front desk. If we have not heard from you regarding cancellations during this week, we will assume you are coming; to avoid late cancellation charges, please make sure you contact us to let us know of your away dates.
If your regular class has been cancelled and you would like to attend a different class please view our schedule online and then contact us to book your spot. For private lessons (if available), or if you have any questions, please contact the front desk.

Sweat for Sight: Cancelled

We have cancelled this event but we’re looking forward to participating next year! We’re excited to be part of #sweatforsight this year! On Saturday the 21st we’re running a blindfolded mat class that will let participants explore the richness of using your alternate senses by using a blindfold during a mind-body Pilates class experience. We ask participants to bring a piece of cloth to use as a blindfold through the session and will ensure that safety is considered throughout. Find out what it might feel like to be sightless yet moving and give to a great cause – Seva Canada. The suggested donation for the class is $25 and all proceeds will go to Seva Canada and we’ll have donation forms at the studio on the day. If you’d like to try out this unique class (and fundraiser!) please RSVP via Facebook and look for more info about it in the studio. You can also find more info on the Seva site: www.seva.ca/sweatforsight

Sweat for Sight is a multi-faceted event in support of Seva Canada that celebrates World Sight Day (on October 12, 2017), the annual day of awareness of blindness and visual impairment.

Gyms, studios, clubs, teams, businesses and individuals across Canada can show their support and creativity by holding a fundraiser, dedicating a special fitness class, or doing anything to get sweaty and restore sight.

Balanced Body Teacher Training Info Session

We’re excited to be prepping for our 2017/2018 Balanced Body Education program starting this September and we’re hosting an info session on Friday, September 8th at 7 pm to get you excited too! It’s the perfect opportunity to check out the studio, find out more details about our Teacher Training, and ask any questions you may have. RSVP via education@meridianpilates.ca or our Facebook Events Page we hope to see you there! Visit our Teacher Training page for all the information and details on our program.

Franklin Method Ball Rolling Class with Alysen Starko-Bowes

In the Franklin Method, mental imagery and self experience of functional anatomy are used as tools to create change in the body. Mental imagery is used a lot by athletes, and is a very effective tool that can be used at any age and for any population.

This class will utilize balls as tools to release tension and pain, increase flexibility, and facilitate ease of movement in all areas of the body. Special emphasis will be placed on releasing tension from the lower back, shoulders and neck and improving posture. We will also be experiencing and training various muscles for better function. You will feel an immediate positive effect in your body. You will also learn tools and tips that you can use at home for quick tension and muscle release. This is a great compliment to your Pilates classes!
The class will run Wednesdays at 10am and Fridays at 10:30am. Please call for more information, or to book (All classes will run as pre-booked, any drop-ins are subject to availability) Drop-in rate is $25 per class (or your regular mat rate if on a mat package).

Contact us at the front desk, either by phone or by email if you would like to register.