The Studio

Who We Are

Meridian Pilates Studio is known for its individualized approach to working with each client who comes in. We take this distinction seriously: our friendly desk staff knows our clients personally and makes it easy to deal with special situations and requests. Our instructors are highly skilled and trained to work with clients of varying needs. We also maintain a commitment to continuous learning and embracing new approaches to movement retraining.

Our Foundation and Philosophy

At Meridian Pilates Studio, our teaching philosophy is based on the original system of work as developed by Joseph H. Pilates. Pilates originally termed his system of exercises “Contrology”, describing the basic purpose of the method, which was to achieve “complete coordination of body, mind and spirit”. “Contrology “ has since come to be known simply as Pilates, and has gained worldwide recognition as an efficient method for promoting physical fitness.

Our Commitment to You

We maintain a commitment to working with you, our clients, according to your individual abilities. We always take into account factors such as lifestyle, injuries, medical conditions, age and athletic pursuits.

We are able to work with almost everyone (talk to us if you are unsure) in order to help you begin and continue your journey toward improved health and fitness.

The staff at Meridian Pilates Studio also have strong ties to the health community in Vancouver and are in constant dialogue with professional affiliates. This means that we will work with you and your other health practitioners, to develop a program that is appropriate for your needs.


Developed by its founder, Joseph H. Pilates in the early 20th century, Pilates is a unique and comprehensive fitness program. Its origins and influences lie in the various disciplines of yoga, dance, gymnastics, martial arts and weight training. When practiced regularly, the system of exercises (there are over 500) creates a strong, toned, supple body, enhances awareness of postural alignment and stabilization, and aids in developing efficient movement patterns throughout the whole body. Joseph Pilates encouraged uniform development in all of his students – the goal was not just change in musculature, it was an attempt to increase a person’s overall health, the quality of his or her life. Through breath and whole body commitment to increasing whole body health, Joseph Pilates aimed at assisting people in developing to the fullest extent of their physical, mental and spiritual potential.

Benefits of Pilates

  • Improved posture, strength & flexibility
  • Improved circulation and respiratory function
  • Improved body awareness, motor (neurological) patterning and balance
  • Improved endocrine (hormonal) system balance
  • Improved muscle length and tone (without adding bulk)
  • Improved ability to manage aches and pains

Who is Pilates Good For?

Everyone. Because we take an individualized approach to each client, we can help you start at whatever level you are at.



As well as led classes, all of our equipment will be available and used in developing individualized programs for private sessions and mixed level groups.

Photos courtesy of Balanced Body®.


  • All packages are valid for 6 months from date of purchase.
  • Note that classes are transferable, but are not refundable.
  • To avoid late cancellation fees, a full 24-hours notice is required to change or cancel any booked class or private session.
  • Please plan to arrive 5 minutes early for any booked lesson or class. Latecomers to group classes will be admitted at the discretion of the instructor.
  • Please refrain from wearing strong perfumes and/or fragrances when coming to the studio, as others around you may have sensitivities to these products.
  • We ask that all cell phones be turned off while in the studio. If it is necessary to keep it with you, please switch it to vibrate instead of ringing.


Before participating in Meridian Pilates Studio programs and activities, you must sign a Waiver and Release of Liability. By participating in such programs and activities, you willingly agree to assume all related risks, including risk of injury or contraction of COVID-19 or other infectious diseases and release Meridian Pilates Studio from all related liability.