Important Studio Update: March 29th, 2021

To Our Valued Pilates Community:
As you likely all know, today’s Covid-19 announcement brought a Provincial Order that, once again, shuts down group fitness activities in BC. After seeking and receiving explicit clarification from Vancouver Coastal Health, we are relieved to let you know that we will again be able to run our group classes as 2-person semi-private sessions. This is a small drop from our current class numbers of 3 (and sometimes 4 during quiet times), but it ensures that we can continue to operate and that our teachers keep working sustainably throughout the shutdown.
The Studio Action Plan during the Current Provincial Health Order: 
We will rotate by cancelling 1 person out of each 3-person class, reaching out to one of you per class over the next 3 weeks (or as long as this Health Order is in place). You will receive an email if you are the person to be cancelled, with information about what day, so please do assume that you continue to be booked in your class if you have NOT been contacted to cancel. We are working on the most urgent days first, and will get to the next weeks once we have dealt with the most immediate of the changes needed.
For those of you who attend our ‘quiet studio’ 4-person classes, we are working on dividing these into 2 classes of 2, like we did last November/December. If we have found coverage (i.e.: another teacher to run a second 2-person class), you will NOT be contacted to cancel or to apprise you of the change. We trust that you understand the need to stay flexible at this time, and your regular teacher will help manage the switch to a different teacher as needed.
If you have strong preferences about not coming in during this time of heightened transmission of the virus and the spread of the variants, please let us know as soon as possible. Please know that we also have availability in some of our existing online classes and we would welcome seeing you online if that works well for you!
We hope to be able to keep movement/workouts happening for as many of you as possible, albeit a little more spread out. We are very confident in our protocols, and will continue to hold fast to these to ensure that our studio remains a safe space for you to practice Pilates.
Thank you, and please note that we will do our best to respond to questions/emails as quickly as we can, and we appreciate your patience with us as we adjust to this new situation.
Warm regards, and wishing all of you continued good health!