Action Request of Current Clients

To our valued clients:
In our quest to understand and comply with the most recent BC Health Order, we have been in communication with colleagues around the lower mainland, in an effort to get some clarity on how the language is evolving to ensure the safety of all in the Vancouver and Fraser Coastal Health regions.
We have now been given clarity that 1 and 2 person ‘fitness’ sessions (including Pilates) are allowable at this time, but nothing beyond that until our Covid Safety Plan has been approved by Vancouver Coastal Health. Our plan HAS been submitted for review, and we must now wait until they are able to get through the many, many plans that have likely been submitted this week; until then though, we must reduce our numbers down to only 2 people maximum per session with each teacher. This would be a devastating hit in normal times, but, thankfully, we are still eligible for government support, for which we are very grateful.
We are confident that our plan WILL be approved, but until then, must take steps to ensure we are compliant with the order. Due to this, we will need to reduce our current 3 (and, every so often, 4) person classes. We expect this to be temporary, and are going to do our best to whittle these numbers in the fairest way that we can.
What this means to you:
If any of you have multiple (2 or more) classes/sessions per week, and would be willing to be part of the effort in a proactive way, please reach out to us to let us know that you are ok with us removing you from a session; we might ask you to allow us to choose the session, as there are some times that are more jammed up than others. Please email us asap to volunteer.
After we have heard from volunteers, some of you will then receive an email from us, in the next 48 hours, advising you that we have had to remove you from a class that you have been booked into. We will use varied factors to make these decisions and hope that you will trust us to do what we need to do, in the best way that we can. It will not be an easy task for us and we humbly ask for your patience and cooperation in this process.
As we may try to spread out and offer a few more 2-person classes at quieter times in the studio, please also reach out if you are currently taking private lessons and would be willing to move to a semi-private with another currently private session participant. The difference between a 2-person group and a semi-private will be in the personalization of the session. You can expect to have hands-on guidance in all private lessons and semi-private lessons (with participant permission, of course), as well as having individualized attention in the semi-private sessions, but in the 2-person groups, we will not be offering hands-on guidance, as per our updated Safety Plan, and the classes will run as led classes throughout. (Some semi-privates also run this way; we adjust this based on the needs of the participants involved, but these can also include hands-on guidance.)
ANOTHER OPTION: We also still have online mat classes, which all of us are getting better and better at running, and would welcome anyone to join these as we live within the current restrictions.
We will retain the schedule as-is, to go back to, for when we receive our approval, and/or when the Health Order is lifted. We have high faith that our protocols will stand up to examination and that we will get the needed approval. And, we support the efforts of our Health Ministry to keep our communities safe, understanding that they need to ensure that compliance is happening across the board. I remind myself constantly that our efforts thus far have not been in vain, and that we need to continue to listen to our Health Officers and do what is best for all.
Please stay tuned in to emails coming through shortly.
With respect and determination to keep all of us safe and well.
Heather Low
Owner, Meridian Pilates Studio
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