New Health Order Studio and Class Updates

To our valued clients:
All of you are likely aware of BC’s new Health Order, which came into effect Nov. 7th at 10pm, in order to reduce the recent increasing Covid-19 transmission in the Fraser and Coastal Health regions. I have spent the last 24 hours reviewing the language and intent of the order, to understand better what it means for the operations of Meridian Pilates Studio. Our primary concern, throughout the pandemic, has been one of making sure that we not only meet, but exceed, protocols for reduced risk of transmission of the virus.
After my research, I  have come to the conclusion that we can continue to offer our sessions, in the way we have been, since our Covid protocol period began. Our goal is to continue to offer a safe space for all clients. We believe that we currently provide a low-risk environment and fall into an allowable category of ‘individualized sessions’. I am sharing a newsclip where Dr. Henry answered a question about gyms, one that gives me certainty that our sessions fall into allowable fitness activity. If you are interested, please go to the following clip, skip ahead to just about 56 minutes in, and listen to Dr. Henry’s response to reporter Richard Zussman.
Please be aware that, should you not feel comfortable coming in during this time, that we support any decision that you need to make for yourself, but will need you to let us know to cancel you. Again, 24-hours cancellation applies, except for conditions developing last-minute, related to Covid-19. We appreciate your continued support as we navigate the difficulties of the time.
In light of yesterday’s order, we have reviewed all of our protocols, and have decided that we need to tighten up two areas for improved safety, during this time of heightened risk of community transfer, and likely ongoing. These include regular health screenings/attestations for both clients and staff, as well as reduced congestion in the reception area at the front during our class change overs.
1. Reducing Congestion:
  • Only 2 people will be allowed into the reception area at any given time. If you arrive, and there are two people already in the studio entry area, please wait in the hall, away from the door, until the area has cleared. We will do our best to help facilitate the movement of people smoothly and efficiently by letting you know when it is time to come in. You are welcome to walk barefoot, if need be, over to your workout space, and put your workout socks on over there (to help reduce the amount of time needed in the entry area).
  • As previously requested, please refrain from arriving more than 5 minutes prior to your scheduled class time, and please do not spend time in the reception area chatting with your fellow participants. We hate to ask this, as we love the connection and community-feel that our clients bring, but in light of our current situation, it makes it a lot harder to reduce the congestion in this entry area. We will be so happy when we no longer need to ask this of you.
  • To help with the above, we will provide bathroom keys, hand sanitizer and wipes out in the hall, directly beside our front entrance. Please use a key if you need to use the bathroom facilities down the hall, and please use hand sanitizer before and after handling keys. If we have not yet invited you into the studio for your session, please go to one of the designated waiting areas along our hallway wall, to wait until 5 minutes prior to your class time. Please know that we will be cleaning and organizing after the previous session and will let you in as soon as we can. We may soon be able to offer small stools to sit on and change into your workout socks there; stay tuned.
  • As well, to help with reduced congestion, please be mindful of exiting in a timely manner, as quickly as possible. Again, we love our shared conversational moments but these will need to be put on hold until after the risk of Covid has been eliminated. If you choose to chat with your fellow participants before or after, out in the hall, please be mindful of our shared hallway and our neighbouring business also needing space for their clients to move about or wait safely. We trust that you understand the need for this at this time.
2. Covid Screening/Attestation:
  • We will now have a clipboard with the names of all incoming clients for the day, with an area to sign off prior to each session. When you come in, this will be sitting on the right side of our front desk. We ask you to sign it prior to proceeding to your workout area. It will be written out clearly, that by signing, you declare that you agree to the following statements:
  1. I do not have any of the following symptoms: fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat and painful swallowing, stuffy or runny nose, loss of sense of smell, headache, muscle aches, fatigue, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea or loss of appetite.
  2. I have not been asked to self-quarantine due to exposure to Covid-19.
  3. I am not living with anyone who has tested positive for or has been asked to quarantine due to Covid 19.
  4. I have not travelled out of the country for the last 14 days, nor been on an airplane anywhere within this same period.
  5. I agree to wear my mask and to adhere to all social distancing requirements while in Meridian Pilates Studio.
  6. I have signed Meridian Pilates Studio’s waiver and risk of liability document, and agree to assume all risks related to Covid-19, or any other transmissible agent, during my participation in studio classes.
Please note that all staff will be completing a Covid-screening prior to each day they come to teach as well. They will also not be spending their in between times in the front reception area, again, to reduce congestion overall.
Thank you for your attention to this lengthy email. We appreciate your continued support, and will look forward to seeing those of you who continue to join us in-studio or online.
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