New Studio Classes!

We are happy to report that we now have some new Level 1 classes on offer.

  • Reformer Level 1: Mondays, 5pm; Tuesdays, 11am; Fridays, 1pm
  • Tower: Wednesdays, 5pm

Potential New Classes

We will run these if there is enough interest. Please contact us if you would like to join a class at the following times:

  • Reformer Level 1: Wednesdays, 8am; Thursdays, 5pm

Some New and Old Studio Information

New!   We have changed the name of our class, formerly-known as Mixed Levels, to a new, more accurate name: Personal Program. This is to ensure that all clients understand that to book in to this type of class requires a program previously set-up through a series of Private lessons. In this format, you semi-independently follow your program with the support and assistance of an instructor, rather than being guided through the hour as you are in our other Led Classes (Tower, Mat and Reformer). Maximum 4 participants per class.

Old!   Please note that all of our classes have an official length of 55 minutes per class. Some of us tend to run a little over this sometimes, but we are renewing our efforts to stick to this time frame to ensure smooth transitioning between all of our group and Private classes, as well as to provide a much needed short ‘breather’ for the instructors to transition to the next hour. This has always been the case, but sometimes we all ‘forget’ and wanted to make sure that everyone is aware of this – so that you don’t feel ‘shortchanged’ by a class that finishes or starts a couple of minutes off the expected hour. Thank you for your understanding!