Traffic snarls, disruption and parking, oh my!

Many of you “may” have noticed (!!) the ‘no parking’ signs, construction in the alley-way and signs of demolition in the building across the street from our entrance on Bayswater. We know that this may be having an impact on your ability to park around here easily and quickly.

All of this disruption is, unfortunately, inevitable, but we would like you to know that the underground parking here, directly below the building, WILL be available for the duration of the disruption. The current city work should be completed as of tonight, but even during this time we are meant to have access to underground parking, except for some short moments when heavy equipment is directly in front of the access to the garage.

We also want to make sure that all of you KNOW that we have underground (pay) parking for this building! The access is from the alley behind us: if access from Bayswater is blocked, please go one block west to Balaclava, and enter beside the fire station (behind Kidsbooks). There should be at least one entry to the alley open at all times.

We do not know how long the demolition and subsequent construction will be happening, but it may be wise to try to leave yourselves a few minutes extra in arriving so that you don’t lose any of your valuable class/session time.

We will keep our fingers crossed that disruptions will be minimal and short-lived!

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