New! Apprentice Classes Available!

Apprentice Teacher Classes Available!
Starting June, 2012

We are pleased to announce that our Teacher Training program, through Balanced Body Education, is nearing its completion this year. One of our trainees, Susan Pierce, has been diligently practising her teaching on Mat and Reformer and is now ready to offer some apprentice-level classes out of the studio.

If you have been looking for another class to add to your schedule, or if any of your friends or family have been interested in giving Pilates a try, you can give us a call or an email. These classes will be offered at a lower rate than our regular classes, and will periodically be supervised to help Susan develop her skills.

The Fine Print

We ask that anyone joining these classes be relatively free from injury or serious physical conditions. Minor aches/pains and stiffness are fine; Pilates will help with exactly this! (If you are not sure whether you fit within this requirement, give us a call or email and we will help you assess.) We will also ask that anyone new to Pilates book in for one Private Intake/Evaluation session with Susan before the start of the series (see below for prices).

These classes will run as an 8-week series, beginning the week of June 4th. They will be offered at the following dates and times (all classes run 1 hour):


Mat Level 1/2: 5pm

Mat Level 1 (beginner): 6pm


Reformer Level 1 (beginner): 4pm

Reformer Level 1/2: 5pm


Reformer Level 1/2: 8:50am

Reformer Level 1 (beginner): 10am


Mat and Reformer group classes (4 people max. per class): $14 + HST

Private Intake/Evaluation: $20 + HST

We hope that this will be an attractive option for some of you to get a new class in, or to help facilitate someone beginning on a new journey into Pilates!