New! Core Align is ready and rolling!

Those of you in the studio regularly may have noticed two new additions to the studio equipment. On our east wall, we now have 2 Core Aligns installed. The Core Align is a relatively new tool in use for upright, functional strengthening. Developed by a Physio from Israel, Jonathan Hoffman, the equipment was developed specifically to improve the functioning of our upright, vertical standing posture by providing an unstable base and feedback through the hands and the feet. It demands that the whole body tap into its own innate intelligence to sort through alignment and strength challenges. It is amazingly accessible and useful work and most newcomers feel able to get a bit of a workout going – safely – within a very short time of using it. We have several teachers now who have done the basic training and can offer sessions using this. Private lessons or duets are the way to go with this (we only have 2!), and if you are interested, please contact us to set up a lesson time.