Pre- and Post-Natal Sessions with Nikki

Pregnancy and the early days, weeks and months of new motherhood are incredible times of change – so much so that it often feels like we have an entirely new body. While we know that we eventually settle into a ‘new normal’, it is useful and downright sanity-saving sometimes to have a little help transitioning into this new body by increasing your ability to access your core support, strengthen weak muscles and generally maintain your mobility.

Nikki Zekas has been teaching Pilates for over 8 years and specializes in working with women during and after pregnancy. Her love for this special time in a woman’s life is evident in her gentle, yet challenging sessions that help women maintain and develop deeper pathways of core strength and greater awareness of movement to help them stay injury-free.

I love Nikki! She helped me so much during and after my pregnancy. I felt strong and had an easy pregnancy. My back didn’t hurt as much as I hear other moms’ did. After the birth, during my first month’s check up, the doctor was impressed as I did not need perineal exercises (kegel). Four months later I went back to Pilates and found out that my core wasn’t as bad as I was afraid it was going to be. Six months after giving birth I am training with a personal trainer who is impressed by my core strength. I continue Pilates with Nikki who is such a caring and giving instructor: she even manages to teach me while the baby is sleeping, babbling or eating in the stroller or on a mat copying mommy’s Pilates moves. Vanessa Avila

Doing Pilates while I was pregnant helped me stay strong for the birth, helped me avoid injury, and helped relieve back and hip discomfort associated with my pregnancy. After giving birth Pilates helped me to realign my body and find my abs again! I was hiking in the woods with my baby starting one week after she was born. I never would have had the core strength to do that without Pilates.  Abby Remick

During my pregnancy, I was anxious to keep my body strong, to minimize common physical complaints such as backaches, sore feet, and joint pain through regular attendance to Pilates classes. I believe that Nikki’s gentle guidance is the reason why I had such a pleasant experience for the duration of my pregnancy. I have never felt as physically strong as I did while under Nikki’s care. Nikki’s passion for supporting expectant mothers is demonstrated by her enthusiasm for the topic of child development as well as her inexhaustible supply of prenatal exercises tailored to meet the special needs of her clients. I might also add that after I gave birth to my daughter, my body returned to its pre-pregnancy form much faster than I expected; I believe this is a result of the Pilates training that I received from Nikki. I would highly recommend pre-natal Pilates at Meridian under the capable guidance of Nikki. Natasha McCartney

Private sessions are available, and progression into small, individualized groups can be achieved after a suitable number of sessions have been taken (this number varies depending on individual situations; call us for more information) Private lessons begin at $77 per lesson and small group (max 4 participants) sessions range between $30 and $40 per lesson.

Call or email us for more information: or 604-730-4094

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