Introductory Feldenkrais Workshop

We are pleased to offer an opportunity to learn about the Feldenkrais Method this coming January:
What it is:
The Feldenkrais Method is designed to help you move with greater comfort, ease and skill. Endorsed by our Canadian Men’s Alpine Ski Team and practiced world-wide, the Feldenkrais Method is perfect for improving athletic performance, easing discomforts and for rehabilitating injuries.
The Feldenkrais Method is expressed in two complementary forms:
 Awareness Through Movement (ATM), ideal for those wanting to find more ease and grace in their lives. These group classes are very effective in helping one to overcome old injuries/limitations, as well as improving one’s walking, skiing, gardening, golfing, paddling…or any other activity which you enjoy. Participants will leave class with better posture and a renewed sense of vitality.
Functional Integration(FI) sessions are specialized, one-on-one lessons that are catered to your unique needs. This intuitive, hands-on approach promotes rapid recovery without manipulatory forces.
Feldenkrais practitioner, Hilary Fuller, came to Feldenkrais after studying a variety of movement/healing arts. He is certified by the North American Feldenkrais Guild (2007) and has been teaching full-time since his certification.  
This introductory workshop is simply that: an opportunity to learn a little more about the method and how or why it may be beneficial for you.
Saturday, January 15th
2:30pm – 4:30pm
Cost: $15
(proceeds to be donated to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society)
Please call the studio to pre-register.
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