Happy Fall Equinox!

Fall is bringing back a sense of diligence and patience as we prepare ourselves for winter and drop back into a schedule of regularity. Fall can be a very industrious time, and we can tap into that energy for our physical benefit by setting aside time for practice for ourselves. To help you tap into this, we have some new opportunities in the studio, both in the form of new-to-us teachers (see sidebar) as well as new sessions/classes. At the end of this letter, we also have a list of classes that have availability.
Of note: Nikki Zekas is back from New York and is ready to share some of her complementary practices with us here at the studio. Sound Healing with Tibetan Bowls will be offered privately as well as in a group meditation setting on Monday nights.  Nikki will also offer a Developmental Movement series. See below for details and more information on any of these offerings.
Wishing all of you a happy fall, and continued success in the quest to bring balance to body, mind and spirit.
In health and happiness,
Heather Low
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